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Reported speech

Звезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивна

Reported speech presentation

Reported speech exercises

The Passive Voice

Звезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивна

The Passive Voice


Conditional Clauses

Звезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивна

Transform the sentences so that you make the correct conditional sentence.

1 They had a lot of problems because they didn't deal with the matter properly.     If they __________________________.

2 I can't afford to rent this flat because my current salary is not as high as yours.     If my current salary _____________.

3 Sara din't have a chance to brush up her Spanish because she didn't go to Spain last summer.

   Sara _______________________________________.

4 You need to have an excellent command of English to get this job.     Unless ______________________________.

5 My brother's wildest dream is to win enough money in a lottery to go on a round-the-world trip.

   If my brother ______________________________________.

6 I didn't stay at your place longer because you didn't make me feel welcome.     I ____________________________.

7 She needs to pay the fine now in order not to be taken to court.     Unless _________________________________.

8 Tom would love to ask her out but he doesn't have her phone number.     If Tom _____________________________.

9 You can't pass your exams. You don't revise at all.     You _______________________________________________.

10 Whenever Dan goes to a party he is late.     If ________________________________________________________.


Translate into English.

1 Da sam na tvom mestu, rekla bih joj istinu.

2 Ako bude išla u grad, otići će u biblioteku.

3 Ne bih išla u školu da ne moram.

4 Došao bi na žurku da se osećao bolje.

5 Bavila bih se sportom da želim izgubiti na težini.

6 Neću doći ukoliko mi ne platiš kartu.

7 Dobila bih taj posao da bolje govorim francuski.

8 Došla bi na stanicu da je znala da dolaziš vozom.

9 Ako gledaš u sunce, bole te oči.

10 Posetio bi muzej da ima više vremena.


Put the words in brackets into the correct form .

1 If only we (have) a phone! I'm tired of queuing outside the public phone box.

2 I wish I (know) what is wrong with my car. It's not woking properly.

3 I wish you (not give) him my phone number. You did it without asking me.

4 If only he (know) then that the disease was curable! He could have been more careful.

5 If only I (be) insured! But I am not.

6 If only I (keep) my mouth shut! I said something which made matters worse.

7 I said 'Sunday'.  -  I wish you (not say) Sunday. We'll never be ready by then.

8 But I told you what to do.  -  I know you did. If only I (take) your advice!

9 That man has brought us nothing but trouble. I wish I never (set) eyes on him.

10 I wish I (not try) to repair it. I only made it worse.

Practice for the Second Written Assignement

Звезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивна

I   Complete the sentences using could, couldn't or was/were able to.

1 My grandfather was a very clever man. He _____ speak five languages.

2 I looked everywhere for the book but I _____ find it.

3 They didn't want to come with us at first but we _____ persuade them.

4 Laura had hurt her leg and _____ walk very well.

5 My grandmother loved music. She _____ play the piano very well.

6 I looked very carefully and I _____ see a figure in the distance.

II   Complete the sentences with must or have to in the correct form.

1 It's later than I thought. I _____ go now.

2 In Britain many children _____ wear uniform when they go to school.

3 When you come to London again, you _____ come and see us.

4 I'm sorry I couldn't come yesterday. I _____ work late.

5 You really _____ work harder if you want to pass the examination.

III   Complete the sentences with mustn't or don't/doesn't have to.

1 I don't want anyone to know. You _____ tell anyone.

2 He _____ wear a suit to work but he usually does.

3 I can stay in bed tomorrow morning because I _____ go to work.

4 Whatever you do, you _____ touch that switch. It's very dangerous.

5 There's a lift in the building, so we _____ climb the stairs.

IV   Translate the sentences.

1 Ne smemo zaboraviti tatin 50. rođendan sledećeg meseca.

2 Zakon kaže da ljudi moraju plaćati porez.

3 Svi bi trebalo da pročitaju If This Is a Man.

4 Ne moraš biti agresivan da bi postigao svoj cilj.

5 Moram ustati rano sutra. Ne bi trebalo da propustim prvi voz.

V   Choose the correct option.

1 Did you phone Ruth?   -   Oh no, I forgot. I phone/I'll phone her now.

2 I can't meet you tomorrow afternoon. I'm playing/I'll play tennis.

3 I meet/I'll meet you outside the hotel in half an hour, ok?   -   Yes, that's fine.

4 What time does your train leave/will your train leave tomorrow?

5 I asked Sue what happened but she doesn't tell/won't tell me.

6 Are you doing/Will you do anything tomorrow evening?    -   No, I'm free. Why?

7 Hello. Can I speak to Jim, please?   -   Just a moment. I'll get/I'm going to get him.

8 The weather's too nice to stay indoors. I'm going to sit/I'll sit in the garden.   -   That's a good idea. I think I'll join/I'm going to join you.

VI   Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use the words in capital letters.

1 It is certain that we won't be on time.   DEFINITELY   We _____ on time.

2 It is unlikely that he will help us.   WON'T   He _____ us.

3 I'll only join your organisation if you are serious.   UNLESS   I _____ you are serious.

4 I'll buy you a dog but you must take it for walks every day.   LONG   I'll buy you a dog _____every day.

5 He can sleep in the house but you must wash him first.   THAT   He can sleep in the house _____ first.

6 Immediately after I get up, the dog wants his breakfast.   AS   The dog wants his breakfast _____ up.


Звезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивна

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