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To begin with...

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I   Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

1 Don't you think it's enough? You (write) text messages since lunchtime.

2 More and more students in my school (work) part-time.

3 I believe our son (understand) now how dangerous gangs can be.

4 We (definitely, live) longer 60 years from now.

5 Can you see that car? It (hit) the tree!

6 My classmates and I (work) on our class website for a month. I think we (finish) it soon.

7 I (drive) along Park Street at approximately 8.45 am on Saturday, when I (see) Mr Parker in a red Ford Fiesta.

8 I (read) this book for a month. I (read) 120 pages so far.

9 My mum (talk) to my teacher on the phone. I think I might be in trouble.

10 He (take) a nap when he (hear) a siren in front of his house.


II   Circle the correct words.

1 When we saw the weather forecast, we decided/had decided to go skiing.

2 I'm really tired. I was revising/revised all last night.

3 I think I'll buy/I'm buying a coat today.

4 Our cat is always washing it/itself.

5 John often would/used to forget things.

6 In the future we can/will be able to speak to animals.

7 She must/has to be at the office at 3 o'clock. Her boss wants to see her.

8 In his opinion boys and girls can/ought to study separately because they prefer different subjects.

9 This electronic tagging/service/fine is great. You can see exactly where the person wearing it is.

10 I was really ashamed when my mobile went up/off in the middle of the meeting with my boss.

11 If that cloud of dust blocks down/out sunlight, plants will die.

12 I think we lead very wasting/wasteful lifestyles: we buy things we don't really need.


III   Complete the missing word forms.

Noun Verb Adjective
  rehearse -
  confess -
  deter -
penalty   -
disaster -  
extinction -  
fashion -  
  - trendy