Practice for the First Written Assignement

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I   Read each numbered sentence. Write T (True) of F (False) for the statement that follows.

1 At 5.00, they were drinking hot chocolate by the fire.     -     We don't know when they started drinking hot chocolate.   _____

2 Last night, I was reading an article about skiing in Morocco.     -     I finished the article.   _____

3 At 10.00, he drank a cup of coffee.     -     He finished the coffee.   _____

4 It was snowing while she was taking the photograph.     -     First she took the photograph. Then it started to snow.   _____

5 When our friends arrived, we ate lunch.     -     Our friends arrived just before lunch.   _____

6 While we were talking on  the phone, I was driving to school.     -     We finished the converstaion. Then I drove to school.   _____

7 Jan heard about the accident while she was driving to work.  -  Jan knew about the accident by the time she got to work.   _____

8 I've recently joined the programme.  -  I am a new member of the cast.   _____

9 I have never been to Scotland.  -  I went to Scotland a long time ago.   _____

10 He's gone shopping.  -   He's shopping now.   _____

11 Have you ever seen this film?  -  I want to know when you saw the film.   _____

12 She has become very popular.  -  She is popular now.   _____

13 Professor Owen has been reading a book about elephants.  - She has read the whole book.   _____

14 She's read a book about elephants.  -  She has read the whole book.   _____

15 They've been living in Uganda since 1992.  -  They still live in Uganda.   _____

16 When I got home, 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' started.  -  First the Oprah show started. Then I got home.   _____

17 When I got home, 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' had started.  -  First the Oprah show started. Then I got home.   _____

18 By the end of the show, I had fallen asleep.  -  I fell asleep after the show.   _____

19 By midnight, I had finished the magazine article.  -  I finished the article before midnight.   _____

20 Oprah's guest had lost 25 kilos when she interviewed him.  -  The guest lost the weight before the interview.   _____

II   Read each numbered statement. Then circle the letter of the sentence (a) or (b) that best describes the information in the statement.

1 Gina has been collecting stamps since she was at school.

a) Gina stopped collecting stamps.

b) Gina still collects stamps.

2 Edward has been writing an article about toys.

a) The article is finished.

b) The article isn't finished yet.

3 Daniel looked out of the window and said, 'It's been raining.'

a) It's still raining.

b) It stopped raining a short while ago.

4 It's been raining since 6.00.

a) It's still raining.

b) It stopped raining a short while ago.

III Circle the correct articles to complete this paragraph.

Board games are popular all over a/the world. Mah Jong is an/the example of a/an very old one. I had an/a uncle who had an/the old set from Singapore. He kept a/the set in the/a beautiful box in a/the living room. He used to open the/a box and tell me about the/a pieces. They were made of bamboo and each one had a/the Chinese character on it. To me, they were the/a most fascinating things in a/the world.

IV Read this postcard and find and correct eight mistakes in the use of the and zero article.

Hi! Blare Gardens is excellent! This is best holiday we've ever been on! I love the rides here. I've been on the roller coasters before but nothing is like the one they've got here! And food is great, too. I usually don't eat the hot dogs but hot dogs here are great. So is pizza. Do you like the theme parks? If so, you've got to get your family to come. The only problem is crowds here. People have to queue to get everything - even the toilets! See you soon, Nicky