Expressing wishes, Conditionals, Passive (Inf. and Gerund)

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I   What do you say in these situations? Write sentences with wish, if only or should.

1 It's raining. You want to go out, but not in the rain.

2 You're waiting for John. He's late and you are getting impatient.

3 Your friend was driving very fast and had an accident.

4 Jack always leaves the door open and this annoys you.

5 Tom didn't write to you and you were upset.


II   Write a sentence with if for each situation.

1 I wasn't hungry, so I didn't eat anything.

2 I was able to buy the car only because Jim lent me the money.

3 You didn't have any breakfast - that's why you are hungry now.

4 I didn't get a taxi because I don't have money for it.


III Put the verb into the correct form, present simple or past simple, actice or passive.

1 It's a big factory. Five hundred people (employ) there.

2 Water (cover) most of the Earth's surface.

3 The park gates (lock) at 6.30 p.m. every evening.

4 The letter (post) a week ago and it (arrive) yesterday.

5 The boat (sink) quickly but fortunately everybody (rescue).

6 I was born in London but I (grow) up in the north of England.

7 Why (Bill, sack) from his job? What did he do wrong?

8 Where (these photographs, take)? In Londo? (you, take) them?


IV   Use the passive infinitive or the passive gerund form to rewrite the sentences.

1 She doesn't like it when people tease her.   She ............

2 Most people don't steal because they are afraid that someone will catch them.   Most people don't steal .......

3 To be told you are no good can destroy your confidence.   ..........your confidence.

4 I hate it when people ask me stupid questions.   I hate .......

5 It's dangerous to use the equipment if nobody instructs you.   It's dangerous ............

6 She was very angry that they kept her waiting.   She was very ........

7 I don't like (laugh at).

8 Sam remembers (tell about) the party.

9 His greatest ambition is (choose) to take part in the Olympics.

10 (accept) for that course changed my life.

11 The children are looking forward (film) for that television programme.

12 I hate (ask) my age.

13 He was a difficult child, probably due (look after) by a series of different foster parents.

14 He doesn't respond very well to (ask) to do things.