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Practice for the Second Written Assignment

Звезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивна

I   Circle the correct participle.

1 The police are examining the evidence collected / collecting during the investigation.

2 Some kids discovered the stolen money hiding / hidden in a garden shed.

3 The police on this motorway are very busy fining / fined people for speeding.

4 I've often met people collecting / collected shells on the beach.

5 The escaped prisoner hiding / hidden in a forest near Nottingham was seen yesterday in a village shop.

6 Drivers fining / fined for speeding risk losing their licences.

II   Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first.

1 Nothing can make her happy.   anything

There ______________ make her happy.

2 All my family snore and I find it most annoying.   which

All my family snore _____________________________.

3 I could do any job as long as it has something to do with English.  that

I could do any job _________________ something to do with English.

III   Complete the sentences with (not) be / get used to, (not) used to.

1 When I started living in the forest I gradually _____ listening to the birds singin at dawn.

2 Travelling _____ be much slower and less comfortable in the old days.

3 We have never been to Africa before and I _____ walking in the hot and humid climate.

IV   Use the words in brackets to rewrite the sentences.

1 It's possible that he isn't as clever as he looks.   (may)

2 I advise you to take some antidepressants.   (ought)

3 She is wearing her evening dress unnecessarily; formal clothes aren't required.   (need)

4 Don't touch this bottle - there's poison in it.   (must)

5 It is impossible for us to come to the meeting.   (can)