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To begin with...

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 I   Circle the correct words.

1 He works in a restaurant. Is/Does he?

2 On may first day at school I cried/used to cry.

3 While I was playing football, I broke/was breaking my leg.

4 This food isn't hot enough/enough hot for me to eat.

5 This is the man who/whose book I read.


II   Four of these sentences have mistakes. Find and correct them.

1 I don't agree with you. I think Dan is right.

2 Could you tell me where is the railway station?

3 We were walking along the road when we suddenly were seeing a police car.

4 They didn't want to talk to me.

5 I went to a restaurant which you can buy real Italian ice-cream.

6 All political parties are as stupid like all others.

7 We aren't rich enough to buy a new house.

8 There are some very good books here.


III   Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

1 It's nice to see that they (talk) to each other now.

2 (The Beatles, sing) 'Help? in 1965?

3 Rembrandt (not paint) the Mona Lisa.

4 When I was young I (use be) lazy.

5 I saw the beach while I (drive) to the hotel.


IV   Rewrite the sentences. Use the words in capital letters. Do not change the meaning of the original sentence.

1 Where do we get our money from?     GET

Could you tell me __________ money from?

2 He often went out when he was at school.     USED

He often __________ when he was at school.

3 Could you tell me which house you live in?     DO

Which __________ live in?

4 I didn't like sports when I was at school.     TO

I __________ like sports when I was at school.

5 The cakes in Joe's cafe are fresher than the cakes here.     AS

The cakes here __________ the cakes in Joe's cafe.

6 I can't eat this meal, it's too unhealthy.     ISN'T

This meal __________ for me to eat.

7 There aren't many vegetarians in my class.     A

There are only __________ vegetarians in my class.