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Conditional Clauses

Звезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивна

Transform the sentences so that you make the correct conditional sentence.

1 They had a lot of problems because they didn't deal with the matter properly.     If they __________________________.

2 I can't afford to rent this flat because my current salary is not as high as yours.     If my current salary _____________.

3 Sara din't have a chance to brush up her Spanish because she didn't go to Spain last summer.

   Sara _______________________________________.

4 You need to have an excellent command of English to get this job.     Unless ______________________________.

5 My brother's wildest dream is to win enough money in a lottery to go on a round-the-world trip.

   If my brother ______________________________________.

6 I didn't stay at your place longer because you didn't make me feel welcome.     I ____________________________.

7 She needs to pay the fine now in order not to be taken to court.     Unless _________________________________.

8 Tom would love to ask her out but he doesn't have her phone number.     If Tom _____________________________.

9 You can't pass your exams. You don't revise at all.     You _______________________________________________.

10 Whenever Dan goes to a party he is late.     If ________________________________________________________.


Translate into English.

1 Da sam na tvom mestu, rekla bih joj istinu.

2 Ako bude išla u grad, otići će u biblioteku.

3 Ne bih išla u školu da ne moram.

4 Došao bi na žurku da se osećao bolje.

5 Bavila bih se sportom da želim izgubiti na težini.

6 Neću doći ukoliko mi ne platiš kartu.

7 Dobila bih taj posao da bolje govorim francuski.

8 Došla bi na stanicu da je znala da dolaziš vozom.

9 Ako gledaš u sunce, bole te oči.

10 Posetio bi muzej da ima više vremena.


Put the words in brackets into the correct form .

1 If only we (have) a phone! I'm tired of queuing outside the public phone box.

2 I wish I (know) what is wrong with my car. It's not woking properly.

3 I wish you (not give) him my phone number. You did it without asking me.

4 If only he (know) then that the disease was curable! He could have been more careful.

5 If only I (be) insured! But I am not.

6 If only I (keep) my mouth shut! I said something which made matters worse.

7 I said 'Sunday'.  -  I wish you (not say) Sunday. We'll never be ready by then.

8 But I told you what to do.  -  I know you did. If only I (take) your advice!

9 That man has brought us nothing but trouble. I wish I never (set) eyes on him.

10 I wish I (not try) to repair it. I only made it worse.